I thought about not writing goals for us, because I don't want to jinx anything or put unnecessary pressure on either of us. At the same time I'd like to have something to work towards. So I'm going to risk the bad juju and write it anyway. Don't judge me. We all have to have dreams. (Updated 12/8/2017)

Short Term Goal: Do two Sally Cousins clinics (12/3 & 1/7)

Medium Term Goal: Do two dressage shows and two jumper shows over the winter.

Long Term Goal: Get to at least one recognized event in 2018

Andromeda Goals - the 'someday' goals that I daydream about: 
Fair Hill CCI** (I guess now 3*, according to new FEI rules)
Go to AECs at the Kentucky Horsepark in 2019
Do a Novice Classic 3DE
Do a Training Classic 3DE
Do the Preliminary Classic 3DE at Hagyard Midsouth (if it still exists)
Get my Bronze medal in dressage
Do a 25 mile endurance ride
Do a 50 mile endurance ride
Compete at Rebecca Farm (I joke that this will be my bachelorette party if I ever get married. Not a joke really.)


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