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Nerd Alert: Does Stadium Even Matter?

Earlier this year, Equiratings posed a very interesting question about scoring in three-day eventing: does stadium matter? I really wanted to know the answer to this question but the article left something to be desired, for me at least.

The article is not wrong; when looking at the winner, stadium definitely plays a statistically significant part. However, I think what most people imagine when they think of scoring is the large jumps up and down the board at the end of cross country. Maybe your horse isn't strongest at dressage, however if they can gallop the snot out of a big course you can still have a shot a top ten finish even if your dressage is decidedly not top ten.

In that sense, stadium is not influential. A great stadium round isn't going to make up for a bad cross country or dressage. While a rail might knock you from the top spot if the scores are particularly tight, in recent memory many competitors had at least a rail in hand going into stadium (Badminton 2019 n…

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