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It Feels Good to be Cruel

I see so many people who share their riding. It's brave, no doubt, to put yourself 'out there' especially on the faceless internet. Even just doing a drive by of the Chronicle forums will show you how much vitriol there is out there.

People share things on Instagram, Facebook, blogs, even privately with friends. I do it. If you're reading this you probably do it. Although I think this particular post will go beyond just people who ride and extend to anyone who does anything that isn't easy, and requires time and learning.

Why is it, when I look at people's posts, they are miserably critical and cruel to themselves?

It bothers me so much I've started calling people out on it. I hate reading something or watching a video and thinking "wow, that took some guts," or "that was really well ridden" or even just "I'm really jealous how well she keeps her shoulders back" and then at the end there's  a little knife dug in there.

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