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Looking Ahead to This Year

Last week I talked about how far Spicy has come. But despite our successes, there are still things that left me very frustrated. While my 2020 doesn't include specific competition goals, there are a few things I'd like to tackle with him this year.

Take more lessons.
My lessons on him have been sporadic at best. I think it's time to get back into the habit of regular lessons. I think it'll be helpful to have another set of eyes on him, particularly a non-emotionally-involved set. It'll also serve to motivate me. While I'd love to have something weekly, given my schedule and my current facility setup I think I'll try and aim for every other week. The lessons also don't have to specifically be on Spicy. I've talked to my dressage trainer about borrowing a horse to lesson on, which I think will do a lot for my confidence and also make me a better rider for Spicy.

Get off the property more.
Spicy went from never loading ever to self loading last year, but…

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