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Testing the Emergency Protocols

When I got my first horse trailer I really went out of my way to be prepared. I asked for a fire extinguisher and bolt cutters for Christmas, so I would be properly prepped for any and all catastrophes that happen.

I think what I neglected to acknowledge was that having those things is different than being ready to use them. It's the difference between having a fire escape plan and drilling it. Turns out that is actually a pretty large distinction.

This weekend I was doing my regular trailer loading practice with Spicy. He self loads now! Lately, what we've been working on is standing on the trailer and having feelings. There is a formula for this, see Exhibit A below.

This is going to sound strange, but I do want him to get a little upset. After he gets upset he actually does calm down. That's where the purple arrow is. Once we hit that point, I immediately take him off the trailer. As time has worn on, he can spend more time on the trailer and actually lose less shits. H…

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