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Training Update - Dressage

If you ride for any amount of time you're going to end up with some emotional baggage.

In the beginning riding is about learning how to do things. After a few years, a couple hundred lessons and a dozen or so falls, you learn how to do things. Then riding becomes about learning how to overcome your emotional baggage and crap habits to do things right.
I know how to deal with a horse that's stuck behind my leg. Drop everything and make it all about forward. I don't care where the horse's head is, or their balance, or their steering. Go straight and go forward. Stickiness is in the horse's natural repertoire of evasions; going fast didn't work so maybe going slow will work. It was one of Runkle's favorites. When the horse isn't moving off my leg, the natural escalation ends at a touch of encouragement with the whip. That's when I feel the brunt of my emotional baggage.

When Runkle refused to move off my leg I had to smack him, and I knew he would buck…

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