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Thinline Bareback Pad Review

Seems like a lot of people covet these from afar but don't actually want to shell out for one. That's understandable, $150~ is pretty steep to pay for a bareback pad, something most riders presumably won't bother with more than a few times a month.

I've used a saddle I think twice in the past five weeks. The first couple bareback rides I used this bareback pad:

This is the Comfort Plus Bareback pad, which you can get pretty much anywhere from $70-90. It's a nice pad. I think if you had a horse that didn't need that much help in the padding area on the back (re: you ride a sausage) or you weren't doing it that often you'd be more than fine with this pad. It's very squishy, but the foam compresses a fair bit until you really are just sitting on the horse's back. I could still very much feel Spicy's spine and had to sit farther back to avoid his gi-huge-ic withers.

Once I got the Thinline pad, I worried I had wasted money not buying the above …

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