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Product Review: Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Boots

I've had these boots as my cross country boots for a long, long time. The regular MSRP is $114 a pair, but I bought them in early 2013, on sale, for $10 a pair. World Equestrian Brands was updating the velcro or something, so they were selling all the 'old style' (identical to the new style) for deep discounts. If you surf around, you can find them for $50/pair.
I got the white because I thought it looked sweet on Lexy's chromy legs, and that was what was on sale.

They've shielded multiple horses legs from studs, scuffs and overreach

I used these at home as my regular brushing boots for awhile, and then kept them only for trail riding, cross country schooling, and competitions towards the end. I really love them!

The Good: They don't hold any freakin' water. They're super super light. Usually by the time I got back to the trailer both the boots and the horse's legs were totally dry. Typically I shipped in them, so I'd put them on at four in the …

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