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I'm Still Using the G-Damn Micklem

Maybe you noticed something in the pictures I've posted of Indy.
I'll give you a couple hints.

It's ugly,

overpriced for the leather quality

and gimmicky

(except for the part where it's totally not).

Yep. You guessed right. The Micklem is back.

Indy was previously being ridden in a figure eight noseband, which I love. But he's got a bit of a... shall we say, expressive tongue.

So I got a little nothing dogbone bit and (at my trainer's request, because I never would have done it again myself) put it on the Stupid Micklem. Of course it freakin' worked.

However you'll notice that the tongue is still present in most of these pictures, despite there being a Micklem. So I thought, "It's not doing anything anyway, and it's ugly and stupid, so I'll switch back to a real bridle". Which is exactly what I did one night. The tongue turned out to be five times worse and he also locked his jaw and charged through my hand like an animal.

So the next…

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