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Megan and Spicy Get a Saddle

The day after Runkle's first beginner novice, a County Saddlery representative had come to my barn and we tried a couple saddles. I wasn't in a position to buy custom but was hoping a used one that fit my specs would come up. I really liked the saddles I test rode that day. What I didn't realize was that would be the last time I rode Runkle... In the aftermath of everything a new saddle was really far down the list.

It became clear fairly early on that Spicy and I would need a customized saddle fit to both of us. I suspected with Spicy's inverted, hollow tendencies, that something wasn't working for him.  My lower back pain meant it wasn't working for me either.  I made an appointment for my local County Rep to come back out, almost two years after my first ride. I pulled the trigger on a custom saddle - a huge and kind of terrifying investment - for a couple of reasons.

1. They care deeply about the horse.
These fitters are hyper focused lasers when it comes to…

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