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If Spicy Were a Human

Not sure this is an active blog hop but I've seen people anthropomorphizing their animals with hilarious GIFs since I started blogging back in 2015. I never did any of my horses, but Spicy really begs to change that. I've always thought of Spicy as a somewhat flaming older gentleman with a penchant for melodramatics. But it wasn't until recently that I decided, in my head, he's definitely Nathan Lane's character Albert, in The Birdcage.

This is easily one of my favorite movies, and on last watching it made me giggle a little more than normal because I kept imagining Spicy's little come aparts and idiosyncrasies in Nathan Lane's voice and a wig cap.

He can be overly sensitive...

And at this point I think he may actually know it?

He gets completely overwhelmed and falls apart onto his chaise lounge...

The tiniest things send him over the edge.

But then... he totally gets over it and is amazing and fine?

And despite all the ridiculousness, deep down he is a ve…

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