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Spicy and the Mounted Policy Clinic - Part 3

Saturday was an extremely long day, and we didn't get home until after five. I was sunburned, had sweat out most of my body weight and I was exhausted. But I thought my face was going to split from smiling. To have a horse that was almost unrideable from how fearful he was, to calmly walking through smoke and tolerating drill which was essentially a chaotic warm up ring on STEROIDS, is such a huge accomplishment for me.  Unfortunately on Sunday, I had a slightly different horse. I think the long day with all that I had asked him had taken it's toll. I'm also still working through how to manage travel related ulcers. Normally Spicy eats his pre-ride Outlast with such force I think he's going to punch a hole in his feed bucket. But Sunday he barely touched it, and left most of his breakfast. When I asked him to get on the trailer he flat out told me no. To have a horse do all he did the day before say no on Sunday I just knew he wasn't feeling the best. I've learn…

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