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Contact (or: I've Been Doing it Wrong my Whole Life)

This blog starts with a play along exercise so first, find a friend and a rein. Doesn't have to be a horsey friend. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Got your friend/spouse/random stranger to play with you? Awesome!

Each of you grab the rein. Both of you pull until you get the tension you normally think you should have when you have 'good contact'. For most of you, it'll feel pretty strong. Probably a couple pounds of weight. Ahhh yes. Contact. We has it. (If it's not a couple pounds shut up, you're special and you don't need this exercise).

Now we're going to pretend your hand is the horse's mouth. Have your innocent bystander roll their knuckles, like the inside hand here:

Pretty intense, right? That's a lot of force. On your horse's bars and tongue. If the friend you convinced to play along is also a horse person, do the same to them so they can feel it. Or do it to your poor unsuspecting SO if you want to pull them off their feet. I mean, what?


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