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Two Years

I haven't been so much in the mood for blogging lately. I'm exhausted by the amount of uncertainty I'm dealing with every day, so I'm just keeping my head down and taking each day as it comes. I do the things that have to be done and the things that keep me happy and balanced. That's included a lot of riding, for the first time in awhile.

A long time ago I wrote a post about not really feeling 'hungry'. The barn wasn't a place of peace and joy anymore so I stopped making myself go with urgency. I'm not disappointed to say that even though I'm going a lot more my urgency is gone and I don't miss it. I find myself getting up as the sun is rising and driving almost 40 miles round trip purely because I just want to see my horse. I want to brush him and press my cheek on his neck and work on our connection.

Despite not being in the mood to write, I really have to write this post. Last week marks two years with Spicy and I. Even though I'm alm…

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