Where is the Splint?

The other day before my lesson I was discussing the finer points of Splintex Gold with a fellow boarder. Any glowing review I can give of this product does not come close to encompassing the amount of gratitude and relief I feel. I firmly believe it saved my horse's career. It also saved my sanity.

I was busy detailing its finer points and applications when talk turned to Runkle's legs. He looked at us expectantly waiting for mints and my trainer says "Where's the splint?"

Yup. From Godzilla to gone.

October 2016, front and back

November 2016
January 2017

March 2017, front and back

I followed the application instructions exactly. I did it for 90 days, because I didn't have anything else to use. If I couldn't go out I had someone else do it. A couple things to note:

- Runkle hates DMSO/Cortisone, which is what the vet initially gave me to put on it. He's kind of a huge weeny about DMSO in general. I put some on him once because we had really asked him to come up under himself for the first time and I was trying to be a nice mom and help him out. His eyes got huge and he started hyperventilating. I put him in the stall and he thrashed around on the ground until he rubbed it all off.

He doesn't have that same flip out about Splintex. In fact he barely notices me painting it on.

- I didn't have any skin scurf development issues. It was winter so his leg was clipped on the splint for x-ray/ultrasound/shockwave therapies. I think if your horse is quite hairy you might want to do the same.

- It works on set splints to make them smaller. Be patient, be diligent. Apply early and often.

Dear Splintex, I love you. Thank you for giving me my horse back.


  1. That's incredible. Good bye forever, splintzilla!

  2. Omg, what is this sorcery! I've never heard of that stuff, but those results are amazing!

  3. WOW! I didn't think it would shrink that much! That stuff is amazing. And you too for taking such great care with it.

  4. That's awesome, I was wondering the efficacy of this product for Ramone, as I bought him with a Splint. Luckily for me he reabsorbed his splint anyways by the time I sold him so I didn't need to do anything. But I will keep this product in mind for the future!


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