This Decade in (Horse) Photos

I'm working diligently on my year in review post but it's not quite done yet. So while that's still churning away, I couldn't help but visit this blog hop that's been bouncing around.


In 2010, I was still living in NYC. Horse opportunities are thin on the ground, but I still managed to get my fix. A dear friend of mine spent years working at a guest ranch in Wyoming, and I'd go visit her in the summer. They had so many awesome horses, it was an absolute blast to spend time there. This one is a racing stock Quarter Horse mare named Sienna. She was the best to jump and worked cows great!!


This was my last year in NYC, but I did go out to visit my friend one more time in Wyoming before I finally left the most horseless place in the world :| BUT how often do I get to cut cattle?? Never, is how often. Shown here is a really fun mare named Millie who got a little overexcited about the cattle. I didn't really blame her.

 In 2012 I started riding again more often, and got into eventing. I leased the incredible Ned from Sally Cousins. This picture is from my first time ever cross country schooling. He was extremely into it. Maybe... too into it.


At the end of 2012 I had a bad crash out on cross country that shook my confidence, and I started riding a little palomino lesson pony named Nitro who took me cross country schooling again for the first time in awhile.


This was the year of the incomparable Lexy - the spicy red mare who got me all the way to training level.

The first half of the year I spent abroad, but that didn't mean I missed out on a plethora of horse photo ops...

But 2015 was also the year I got Runkle...

Most of my photos from 2016 involve either hand walking Runkle post Splintzilla, or hand walking runkle post #pinkygate

Definitely did not try and ride with a broken pinky.


And my friend from Wyoming moved to Montana so naturally I went to visit her there too...


2017 was the year of Indy. He's so photogenic, it's amazing.


No but really, he can be quite handsome.

Then, 2018 became a very 'Spicy' year.

And now we're here!
This decade has had a lot of horses in it, and although the circumstances for that were not always the best I am grateful for these real life unicorns that made my life magical.


  1. Amazing! I really love the photo of you and Millie working the cow haha. And so glad you have Spicy now 😁

  2. great photos. Love the purple throughout too (natch) :)

  3. You've had some amazing horsey experiences and I love getting to see your photos and hear your stories! I hope the 20's bring lots of great forward momentum for you and Spicy!

  4. what a decade!! love the purple!

  5. Man I cannot imagine living in NYC! But it's still pretty neat you got to do it!


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