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Tolerance vs Acceptance

Horses have to deal with a multitude of foolish things people ask of them. Wearing tack, getting clipped, or standing still for the vet or farrier. If a horse merely tolerates something, eventually that tolerance will run out. Maybe your horse is fine with clipping, until you get to his flanks. He will stand for the farrier, except he won't let him hold his hind feet. If you find yourself caveating your horse's behavior with buts, excepts, and unless's... you might have a horse who is just tolerating your crap (there are exceptions to every rule of course, but bear with me).

Spicy tolerated getting on the trailer. If it seemed clear that we were just loading and not going anywhere, he'd get on in a couple of tries. When the truck was running, it took anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour. He always eventually got on but it's awful when you're trying to leave somewhere and everyone is loaded except you and your horse has grown roots at the bottom of the r…

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