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Thought Experiment: You Can Only Keep 10 Pieces Of Tack

L Williams provided this thought experiment a few weeks ago. I feel like it's even more appropo now - maybe I have to chuck all my things in a truck and head for the hills. But if I could only keep ten things, this is what I'd keep.

For the sake of argument, assume the saddle comes with necessary fittings (plain jane girth, leathers and irons) and the bridle comes with a plain D-ring snaffle.

1. County Saddle. Here's the T - I'm a little disappointed in County. I love my saddle. Love. But holy crap County, you like actually need to get your shit together. I want to recommend this saddle to people. The Epiphany is heaven. The Solution is... the solution, for me. But I have heard way too  many horror stories first hand about these custom saddles just not fitting. The fitters not caring about the saddle not fitting. And that translates to me seeing a ton of brand new County's being sold on Facebook and eBay at a huge loss to a person who was just trying to do the right…

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