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How to be An Ally

This past weekend my mother in law and nephew came to visit. Our first guests in the new house! One specific request was a visit to the barn to meet Spicy. They hadn't met him before because he was so far away from our place in Philly, so between rainstorms we swung out to the barn to say 'hi'. Pets and snacks were had but I bustled them off because it was right around dinner time. I didn't want us to be in the way and we were on our way to a museum.   First museum trip since Dec 2019!! I got lost in the battleship. Twice.   Fast forward a few days later, and the barn owner mentioned she saw us stop by and that I looked nice (I was wearing a dress and not disgusting sweaty riding tights and a sunshirt). She also mentioned that I needed to 'bring my girl around'. I laughed and agreed, and mentioned she had come with me the very first time I visited but stayed in the truck. "Well, she should come by. She's welcome any time, we're not like that here.&

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