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On Being Hungry

I haven't been hungry in awhile.

I was in a meeting with my boss today, and he was talking about someone that we'd both worked with at different points in our career. He said something like, "well, he's got a lot of huge opportunities because he has a solid, rare skill set and he's hungry."

He kept talking but the words kind of rattled around in my head for a minute. Hungry.

When was the last time I felt hungry?

pc: @hoofwoof
It's been a difficult year. It hasn't even been a full year since I lost Runkle. Since his death I've felt aimless. Indy started to help me heal, to help give the breath back to my voice. For reasons I'd rather not elaborate on at this point however, it's become apparent that Indy will not be able to be the event horse I hoped he would be. I'm struggling through the aftermath of this, not riding a whole hell of a lot, and feeling very sorry for myself. And not being very hungry.

Hungry is being a sixteen year old k…

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