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The Custom Saddle Racket

Philadelphia, 2018. Picture this: a girl gets a horse. The horse is a sensitive potato. The girl buys her horse (and herself) a dream custom saddle. They all live happily ever after. Right?WRONG.
How many times have you heard this story? Someone gets a custom saddle. The custom saddle 'doesn't suit'. Then it's back to the drawing board. The reason you get a custom saddle is because you want something that fits both you and the horse, right? After buying and selling 'almost' right used saddles my entire life, I did the thing. I got the saddle. When the box arrived I cracked it open like the Lost Ark. It smelled like fresh beautiful leather and dreams. 

It didn't magically fix everything, which isn't completely surprising; we had a lot of issues besides an unhappy back to work through. I did feel like the balance was different from when I tried it. The fitter came out a few times and adjusted the flocking. After months of retraining, Spicy had improved some…

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