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Mind the Tongue

When I first tried Indy his owner casually mentioned he did stick his tongue out but only sometimes and only when she first got him.

I saw the pictures, I actually thought it was pretty cute, and when I tried him he didn't do it at all so I assumed we were good.

It turns out the tongue thing is more work related. Work related in that it is his giant middle finger to the left rein and dressages because dressages are STEWPID.

So the tongue is here and it's time to deal with it. Time to take out all the ammunition. Slapping it with a crop didn't help, so I moved on to less childlike tactics. I started with some clicker training, but that was difficult because I only worked on it in the crossties and I hadn't quite sorted out how to do it while I was IN the saddle yet.

Tightening the noseband didn't help. I had it so tight I'm amazed he could breathe much less stick his tongue out.

The Micklem kind of helped? But there was still enough tongue that like... I mean ma…

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