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Baby's First Show: Version Tall Horse

Indy had his very first show this weekend. We didn't have grand plans, I just wanted to get him in the dressage ring and maybe make it around without his tongue hanging out the whole time. For jumping my goal was to ride him as straight and quiet as possible and trot as many jumps as I could.

Initially I signed up for Intro B (walk trot) and Intro C (walk, trot, canter), but my last lesson before close date the canter transition was... a disaster. I could not get him to pick up either lead reliably and there was a lot of angry trotting and flailing. Don't even get me started on how bad the canter is in Intro C for a baby horse. After struggling and getting the left lead once out of six tries I begged trainer (who does ride times) to bump me down to doing Intro B twice.

Of course in the next week we figured out how to get the canter, and the day before the show our canter transitions looked like this:

So,  you know. Horses makin' liars, as usual.

I left a ton of time for wa…

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