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Setting the Stage

Ugh, I really miss blogging.       To someone who doesn't blog (or doesn't write, or maybe doesn't have ADHD) this might seem like a silly thing to miss. What is stopping me? I have an internet connection. I have hands. I blogged even when I only had 9/10ths of my usual hands . So what's the problem now?   I had a lot going on after the move, and was doing lots of COOL things. I tried mounted archery. I found a fantastic biomechanics trainer that actually made Spicy ride-able. I even had a lesson with a coach and strategized how to win a belt buckle barrel racing. But that whole time, something was bothering me.   Not a niggling in the back of my head. A pain. In the back of my leg.   It started in August and I ignored it for awhile. As time went on, I realized my dosage of ibuprofen was going up and up and up, and the pain wasn't really abating. I tried exercising it, resting it, stretching it. Ice, heat, compression, lighting candles and praying. My pain was prett

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