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What I've Learned

I want to say my foray into horse ownership was not successful. But, being totally fair to myself, it was a pretty mixed bag.

I've learned so much in the past three years.
I can triage just about any injury. I know how to wrap a hoof. I can do a pressure bandage. I am extremely comfortable giving intramuscular injections. I've taught a horse how to lunge. I've taught two horses how to jump. I know how to set trot poles. I'm comfortable jumping by myself. I'm learning how to drive a trailer, and I'm comfortable enough at least to drive it around empty in places I know.

I learned how to tie a rope halter properly, teach a horse to neck rein, teach a horse to stand at the mounting block quietly. I figured out the best way to put weight on a tall, lanky Thoroughbred. I've learned about saddle fit, bridle fit, and blanket fit. I learned about horseshoeing, and how to transition a horse to barefoot. I'm familiar with stall rest and rehab, puncture wounds and…

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