Muck Bucket List

I wanted to make it horsie themed, so instead of just a bucket list it's a Muck Bucket list. Of all the shit I want to do with horses before I kick it. See what I did there? It's a play on words pun.

Still to Muck
Gallop my own horse on the beach
Ride Sidesaddle
Be the first one on a horse's back
Ride totally tackless
Do a kur
Do a pas de deux
Do a mini prix
Do a long format event
Combined driving
Complete a 50 mile endurance ride
Get my Bronze Medal
Ride with various clinicians (Linda Zang, Lucinda Green, Elisa Wallace, Jim Wofford)
Indoor Eventing
Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Compete a hunt team at The Devon Horseshow
Go to Burghley, Pau, Luhmuhlen and Adelaide

Finished Stalls
Gallop on the beach
Go to Mongolia (Part 1Part 2)
Play polo
Ride an Icelandic horse (in Iceland!)
Ride with various clinicians (Anne Kursinski)
Went to Badminton 2015 (Part 1Part 2)
Went to Kentucky 2019
Gallop a racehorse


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