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I used to have a bucket list of places I wanted to go around the world. Mongolia, Spain, Iceland, Ireland. I've been everywhere on my buckets list now, which is why I bought the horse.

THIS GUY <333333
But I'm developing a new bucket list and it's events I want to ride at. I've been to a lot of events to watch and I'm addicted to helmet cams but the more of them I see the more I realize there's a lot of eventing outside Area II and I want to see it ALL.

5. The Hampton Classic (Southampton, NY)

Riiiight so, this isn't an eventer event. But I used to live in H/J land and it was my dream to compete at this horseshow. And as I was compiling my list and I really wanted it to be five long I cast my brain about for my sixteen year old girl wishes and remembered this one. The summer I could've done this I actually ended up moving into school this weekend for my freshman year at college. Boo. But I'm not a college student now (which I am reminded of every day, thanks real world) so I could still make it if I want. And I do want. Just need to slap out a couple good rounds at 3'6" and then book my $400 a night hotel room... right...

If this is a thing I'll get a VIP table and everyone's invited.

4. GMHA (South Woodstock, VT)

When I was in college a good friend of mine was teaching eventing camp at GMHA. The place is freakin' gorgeous. I played a massive game of either tag or capture the flag with all the campers, as well as getting to ride my friend's horse a couple times. I saw my first trakhener there! It's pretty and green and South Woodstock is a sweet town. Plus why wouldn't you want to hit up an event called 'The Festival of Eventing'??

Anything that has a stone wall is cool.

3. The Fork (Norwood, NC)

Thanks to BuzzterBrown this event is on my bucket list. When I first started eventing I poured over his videos. I wanted to learn all the names - horses, riders, trainers, TDs, everything. The course at The Fork looks really cool. And um, who doesn't love the wine and cheese jumps?? Plus I've heard it's really hardcore course and a must for most of the big names on either coast. And they have a competitor party? Let's be real, you had me at wine jump.

2. Rebecca Farm (Kalispell, MT)

I think if you're within an eight hour or so drive it's an unmissable event for the season. It's absolutely gorgeous there; I think my eyes would explode from looking so wide at everything. The courses look detailed and fun (there's freaking teepee jumps and a little saloon town). Plus it's a huge event so there's shopping and TONS of competitors from all over the country. Honestly I'd just love to go just to watch or groom but I'd have even more fun if Runkle could tag along!

Wish I could groom for this girl when she goes back.

MOUNTAINS!!! I'm sorry, I ride in New Jersey. My version of a mountain is the sawdust pile.

1. Fair Hill International (Elkton, MD)

Naturally this is #1 on my list. This was the very first event I went to, over ten years ago. Not as a competitor, but with my 4H group. None of us had watched cross country before and most of us were hunter/jumper types but the lead of the 4H group was really into exposing us to everything. So we carpooled down to Elkton to watch. It was gorgeous out, the leaves in full swing for fall and any event rider I had ever heard of was competing. Karen and David O'Connor were both riding multiple horses there. We sat by the gazebo and also the second water. I remember it like we were just there last October.

The next time I went to Fair Hill it was as a rider, for my very first event. I did the beginner novice on an old Advanced horse who knew EXACTLY where we were the second we got off the trailer. I'm pretty sure a lengthening isn't required across the diagonal. At BN. And he reared in the start box because I stupidly walked in when we had 30 seconds left.

Naturally this experience has stuck with me ever since then, seeing as competing there is my 'Andromeda Goal'. I don't know if we actually can, and if we can it certainly won't be anytime soon, but I still go every year to watch the best in the business gallop around a gorgeous old school course. And of course drink all the cider.

So what are your must hit events? Have you already been to some of them?

Update on Pinkygate 2016: the giant mitten cast is off but I still have four (!!) pins in my pinky. I have a splint on now and a follow up appointment in two weeks and hopefully at that point I'll be able to ride. At first the doctor said it would be three more weeks but when I started to cry he said I could come back in two. MAYBE if I was lucky I'd be cleared. Or I'll just start crying again and see where that gets me.

It's pretty gnarly though. Bionic pinky.


  1. Would absolutely love to show at Rebecca some day. Sadly its a 29 hour drive each way for us! Otherwise - Ocala, Tryon, KY HP and CO HP are on the list of maybes in the next few years. They're all within semi-reasonable driving distance (ie less than 18 hours).

    1. oooh id LOVE to go to tryon!!! thats #6 for me, id say.

      and yeah rebecca will have to be when im making my millions or something. you know, when the blog money rolls in :P

    2. Yes, then we shall all take our private jets.

  2. Oooh excellent list!!! I would love to go as a specator to any of these events (maybe one day as a rider for some of them? Or, does the starter trial at fair hill count haha bc we are at least doing that....?). Actually will probably go to fair hill's 3* again this year so def lmk if you ever go to watch too!

    1. oh i def will, especially because i can never find anyone to drag with me...

      and hey i think all the events go down to at least novice ;)

  3. Get your tears ready....glad your bionic pinky is getting somewhat better, though I know how terrible it is to not be able to ride because of a stupid injury.

    I went and watched the Fork CIC3* a few weekends ago and would love to show there. I'm pretty sure if I were to jump the shotgun/shotgun shell combination, my husband would finally declare eventing a cooler sport than football. I fully expect a seat at your VIP table at the Hampton Classic- best get cracking on that one!

    1. crying didnt work, probably have at least 2 more weeks until i can convince him to let me chance it.


  4. Found your blog via Emma and Isabel. Looking forward to following your journey. Hampton Classic is on my list too :P

    1. welcome! and thanks - the classic is def a good one. we can split the VIP table :P

  5. I love the photo of Jess and Sunny at Rebecca!


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