Spicy's July Favorites

Shoo Fly Leggins
Liz already reviewed this much more involved than I'm going to bother with here, so her post is definitely worth a read. Everyone should have them. Last summer I wanted them for Indy but they were so popular they were sold out. As in, the entire internet was sold out. You could not find them in stock until September.

If you're having as buggy of a summer as we are here in Dirty Jerz you need to buy these. You can leave them on 24/7 and they don't cause rubs, even when they get wet. I started using them because Spicy had stitches on his knee (long story) and the vet said the best thing to do would be keep flies off his legs so he didn't overwork the stitches during the healing process. When I asked to borrow a spare pair her eyes lit up. "Those are the best fly boots. Ever." So Liz and my vet both love them. Pretty much all you need to know.

The knee has long since healed but he's still wearing these boots front and back. They're saving his feet from the constant stomping on hard ground and honestly just making his life better.

Spicy demonstrating the leggin's and appropriate nomming technique.

Horze Slow Feeder Hay Net
Spicy is one of those horses who likes to 'decorate' with his hay in his stall. Then he poops on it and goes "oh my god you unwashed heathens, I can't eat this it's got shit on it!!" So he lost his hay-on-ground privileges and has a hay net. This hay net is very similar to the (for some reason) extremely expensive Freedom Feeder net. It can hold A LOT of hay so it doesn't need to be filled as often, and ensures your horse will always have forage-y goodness in front of his or her face.

Happy Mouth Mullen D Ring
This is my 'baby bit'. Spicy might be twelve but he's got a baby mouth, so baby bit it is. This is my favorite bit for teaching comfort in contact. Initially I was instructed to get the Nathe or HS Duo. Those bits look lovely and soft, however they're expensive as hell and I saw a horse bite through the soft plastic once revealing the metal wire underneath and it terrified me. I would get one of those if the horse had a very quiet mouth and I knew he didn't chew, but for a baby who's learning, they get the Happy Mouth. New they're in the $50-$60 range, but I got this one used for $40 shipped.
Happy mouth, happy horse (pc:Niamh)

Weatherbeeta Prime Pad
I only had two jump saddle pads and they were the OTTB Designs ones, because obviously. They were beat to hell after almost five years near daily of use so I chucked them and got two Weatherbeeta Prime Pads. My saddle has a 2AAR flap (for those who don't speak French Saddle, that's spider jockey size flaps) and most of my saddle pads couldn't accomodate them. The prime pads are plenty long and forward, have reinforcement near the girth loops, don't slip and wick sweat from the back. They also come in a lot of colors and have matching polos and horse beanies!!

Prime pad in 'pendant' purple (say that three times fast) (pc: Niamh)


  1. I love that "horse beanies" is gonna be a thing 😂😂😂 also love Spicy. He is TOO CUTE!

    1. i really like it so much and i mean they really are! its crocheted and they wear it on their heads what else would it be???

  2. primepadinpendantpurple primepadinpendantpurple primepadinpendantpurple primepadinpendantpurple primepadinpendantpurple primepadinpendantpurple....

    I like tongue twisters with P's. And also, I like Spicy. Such a cute fellow!

  3. Shoo fly leggins are literally the best thing ever

  4. Spicy has good taste! And he's so handsome!

  5. Love this! So many good favorites.


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