Product Review: Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Boots

I've had these boots as my cross country boots for a long, long time. The regular MSRP is $114 a pair, but I bought them in early 2013, on sale, for $10 a pair. World Equestrian Brands was updating the velcro or something, so they were selling all the 'old style' (identical to the new style) for deep discounts. If you surf around, you can find them for $50/pair.

I got the white because I thought it looked sweet on Lexy's chromy legs, and that was what was on sale.

Exhibit C: for Chrome

They've shielded multiple horses legs from studs, scuffs and overreach

Can't not use this picture

Schooling in 2014

I used these at home as my regular brushing boots for awhile, and then kept them only for trail riding, cross country schooling, and competitions towards the end. I really love them!

The Good: They don't hold any freakin' water. They're super super light. Usually by the time I got back to the trailer both the boots and the horse's legs were totally dry. Typically I shipped in them, so I'd put them on at four in the morning and wouldn't take them off (except for dressage of course) until five at night. Lexy got horrible boot rubs because she was a chestnut and her hair tended to fall off if you looked at it too directly, so the fact that she could wear these boots almost twelve hours with no ill effects should tell you a lot. 

I never had an issue with the boot slipping, rubbing or turning. They do a great job with impact protection. Lexy interfered behind and I had to run her in giant studs because she galloped without a care in the world and there was never so much as a mark on her leg.

They've held up remarkably well. The white isn't as bright as it used to be, but I washed them after every show with OxyClean and they're still pretty white. They have scuffs from interference and use but given that they're six (!) year's old with regular heavy use they look pretty damn awesome. I bet if they were black they'd look almost brand new.

Couple years old at this point, still lookin' good.

The Bad: The only bad thing I had to say about these was they didn't have different fronts and hinds. That meant the boot was quite short on the hind leg, which never bothered me but maybe bothered some people. However I saw them at the World Equestrian Brands booth at Not-Rolex and they do make hinds now!!

Overall, I would totally buy these boots again. I don't think I'd pay $200 for a full set, but Rideaway has a full set for $100 and I think that's a very fair price. Also some initial research revealed this:

BISH THOSE ARE COLORS!!!!!!!!! So far I see that lovely teal and orange, but if they make purple I'm buying a pair. For full price.


  1. There's nothing like finding a good product that lasts!

  2. Oh man. If Nilla weren't broken, I'd totally buy that pretty teal blue set for her.


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