This Entry is Late...

...because nothing is happening.

Mad because I didn't let him play with the hose.
I'm still broken, and we were making stumbly progress on our ground/lunge work...

Artist's dramatization.
(note to self: maybe don't do it in a totally open area. Probably frowned upon to go skijoring with a broken pinky) Runkle apparently decided he was tired of me getting all the attention so he picked a fight in the field and is lame and has a big leg

One of these legs has a knee. The other does not.
(at least I don't feel guilty about not being able to ride him for a few days?)

So I'm just cold hosing, and lamenting the fact that its mid May and I haven't even been cross country schooling yet. Horses are the humbling equalizer as usual, and I need to seriously readjust my goals. I'm also taking more vitamins than I've ever taken in my life in the hopes that it will expedite bone growth.

I couldn't get a picture from the side. That's his nose.
So it's pretty much status quo for now. I am jump judging at Fair Hill this weekend, so that'll be fun!

I went to Boston to see my sister get her masters?
...yeah, I got nothin'. See you next week!


  1. Have fun jump judging, sorry things have got you down :(

    1. eh yeah it sucks but at this point im just resigning myself to what it is for now.boringgggggggg.

  2. Ugh that pinkie needs to hurry up and HEAL!!

  3. OMG how long does a pinky need!?!?!? Hope you had fun jump judging!

    1. apparently 45 years. we are 6 weeks and 3 days into the healing process.


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