It's Not a Setback

I was stalking a big name rider's Facebook (normal) when I came across another page through several layers of friends and groups that had this picture:

And I was like "Yep, that's it."

I've tried to start this post about eight times (which is why it's late, again, oops. I don't know why I bother having a day anymore it's useless) but every instance came out so contrived I felt ill at the thought of someone else reading it.

The long and short of it is, I'm FINALLY back in the saddle.

I'm sorry, he's the cutest horse in the world.
I don't know what I was expecting but Runkle was fantastic, really better than I could've imagined. He was pleasant, obedient and still remembered everything he did two months ago. Yeah, our canter transitions were a little dicey but that actually ironed itself out by our dressage lesson on Tuesday. Yep, I've even had a lesson already.

It's fantastic to be back, and not just because I missed riding my horse. I like being at a boarding barn because of the social aspect, but it's hard to be in it when you're not riding and frankly slacking off about going to the barn at all. I miss riding with people and talking to them, going for little hacks and watching our horses interact. 

So cute.
I've still got a ways to go before I'm back to where I was. I'm going to OT twice a week to pick up little foam plugs and curl my pinky around straws. That sounds a lot easier than it really is, it is brutal and painful. I'm really loose in the tack and have no hand strength so jumping is off the table, probably until I get back from Montana (oh, yeah, I'm going to Montana...!) but I'm okay with that. At least we're back together.

So that's all for now, and it's more than enough!


  1. yep, definitely the cutest *gelding* ever. so exciting to see you back in the saddle!!! hopefully all the pieces start coming together quickly. muscle memory is a funny thing like that! enjoy montana :)

    1. i actually accept that stipulation because isabelle is soooo cute. i love arabs.

      and believe me, no ones happier except me. or maybe my trainer...

  2. Cutest non chestnut gelding ;)
    I get super nutty if I can't ride for an extended period so kudos for keeping it together. Have fun in Montana!

    1. HAHA okay, cutest non chestnut gelding. his little face is just so squishy i cannot. except when he peed in the aisle today that made me very sad. and i will! i still have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS ugh.


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