This is a love letter to ice.

Dearest Ice:

You are the unsung hero of my eventing career.

How many events were you there for me, in a muck tub, keeping my older ride sound when the ground got hard?

And when the sun blazed down and cooked us in the field, and we swam through humidity to find our cross country fences, you were there in buckets at the end to cool our horses down.

The world keeps trying to reinvent you. Ice vibe boots. Ice packs. Magickal ice. But there is only one king, only one true master of cooling and inflammation.

You can't tell but he is standing in a tub.
Now in my darkest hour you are there, every day. I think the cashier at CVS is starting to recognize me. I wonder what she thinks when I stop in every single day. She wonders, 'what the hell could this purple haired girl possibly be doing with all this ice. Even when it's cold enough for jackets outside she still comes in and buys one bag like a crazy person.'

But she doesn't know. She can't judge our relationship from the outside.

You are the only one who cools Godzilla's anger.

You are the only one who stands with me against the splint.

Thank you, ice. For always being there for me. Until you melt.



  1. It's better than them knowing you for buying beer...

    1. ugh true. the bouncer at my favorite bar in college still knows me and my friends (I graduated in 2009.............)

  2. I giggled when I got to the part about the cashier. I love it when I'm buying some weird combination of things for my horses and get judgemental looks from the cashier (like when I was stocking my foaling kit and bought an enema and lube 😂). Hopefully all the ice buying has not been in vain, and the splint is being vanquished!

    1. the splint is slowly cooling off and it's thanks in no small part to ice. and splintex.

    2. Or when I had to buy 3 tubes of monistat for my gelding... that wasn't awkward at all.

  3. Bahaha! Oh, ice, how we love thee.

  4. Dude, for real. #eventerproblems

  5. I love ice too. Beautiful tribute ;)

  6. You're probably known as the ice addict at CVS :)

  7. <3 ice!! And love that I basically have identical versions of some of these pics lately lol


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