Cross Country Schooling 2/20

We rounded off our perfect 'pre-spring' weekend with a trip to Flora Lea to cross country school.

The last time I got to school my horse was in September. He was an absolute genius and perfect gentleman at Flora Lea. He did everything I asked and then some. Of course, the next day Godzilla dashed hopes for a fall season (and tried to dash hopes for any season, at all, ever).

That motherfucker.
Fast forward three months of extensive (insurance covered!!) treatments, a platinum membership to The Walkies Club and about eighty seven bottles of ace and here we are. Back at Flora Lea, schooling and seeing exactly how much work we've got to do going into our spring season.

We got up early to beat the rush since it was such a gorgeous weekend and a holiday to boot. The last thing I needed Runkle to see was someone being run off with and have him decide he was off to the races too. Plus, we had full run of all the jumps and I really underestimated how good it would be for him to school without giant pauses in between for other people to take turns.

It was like he didn't miss any time at all.

Is it just me or do red and purple look good together?

Okay, I realize this is blurry.
But look how chill he is down that bank!!
This is his FIRST DITCH. EVER.
Superstar horse. Didn't even flinch at the ditch. And the even better part was he had two days of jumping in a row, was turned out for 48 hours, and I rode him on Wednesday and he was sound.

Take that Godzilla.


  1. #1 OMG that Godzilla GIF is amazing. The original movies are some of my absolute favorites!! #2 You and Runkle look GREAT and I am SO EXCITED that you guys had such a good school! #3 That white produce stand at Flora Lea was the beginning of the end of having any hope of running successfully at BN for us... my pony is terrified of that thing for no apparent reason. #4 Are there... horses turned out in the water complex?? #5 Did they build a NEW water complex because that one does not look like a dark scary teal death trap!

    1. HAHAH oh man, you are awesome. we def need to hang out more.

      YES they have a NEW lovely SUPER INVITING water jump. The old one is still there but it didn't have water in it and they took the big bank out so now the training/prelim wont come with a side of death.

      yeah at flora lea the horses are turned out on the xc course so they are everywhere. runkle tries to make friends. with everyone. its fun.

    2. LOL yes please! You live in Philly, this should be easy! Ooooo a not-deadly water makes me want to go school there ASAP! And horses turned out while people are schooling would make so many people I know totally freak out. What awesome desensitization training for the turned-out horses though!

  2. Awesome! So nice to see you guys rolling right along! You will kick this season's ass :D Also, I know someone who's colors are purple and red. She rocks it.

  3. That last GIF nearly killed me. Hahahaha!
    So glad you had such a great first outing! Is that a horse turned loose hanging out in the water?

  4. He looks ready! Either to runkle or for spring season, whichever.

  5. yassssss Runkle!!!! this makes me so excited in so many different ways!!

  6. That sounds awesome! You guys look great!! :D

  7. This looks like so much fun. Why is there a loose horse in the water though?

  8. Wow, you all look amazing together!!! So nice to read how good you're doing together!!! Love the Godzilla videos:)


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