What I Love About Baby Horses: Jumping

I didn't know anything about training a young horse when I got Runkle. I am lucky (and possibly a moocher) and spent most of my former years riding very experienced, very NICE horses that already knew everything.

this poor animal carted me around up to novice
this good samaritan took me up to 4ft
she got us through a couple training levels
It was certainly a switch to get on something that didn't know how to turn much less collect itself.

But as time has gone on and I'm now endeavoring on baby horse #2, I've realized that while my time on well trained schoolmasters was essential in making me the rider I am today I relish the small day to day victories that come with horse training.

I think my favorite is teaching them to jump.

so much legs. and so much derp.
It's so awkward helping them navigate those first crossrails, it makes me laugh. They get all wiggly and confused, and you have to be so careful with your hands and your upper body because who knows when they're going to jump. Maybe they'll stop and peek at the jump before launching over. Sometimes they'll skid to a halt and then walk over. Occasionally they'll miss the point entirely and plow through the jump in a clatter of rails leaving skuffs of paint on their hooves.

one of runkle's early 'jumping' attempts. lol.
But no matter what the effort was, they did get to the other side, so you throw them a party. Lots of squealing good boy's and pats and neck scratches. And the horses know. They get so cute 'successfully' navigating a jump and being praised after. Sometimes they buck and play and I don't get after them because I want them to feel proud of themselves. They deserve it!!

No matter how awkward that attempt was, after they have their congratulations party you circle the ring and come back again and the next jump is always better.

It's a totally addicting feeling and while I sometimes get frustrated about having to start all over with a new baby horse, this is one part I feel very lucky I get to do twice.

his face is too big to selfie. I need longer arms.


  1. You are adorable and I love this!! <3

  2. Awwww, Indy is adorable! Love this!

  3. Mine aren't learning to jump (yet?) but I agree on that high of teaching a young horse to do something and then seeing how proud they are of themselves! So precious!

  4. Everything is so new for them and that makes things very exciting!

  5. Aw you and BSW Covfefe are great together. :-)

  6. I'm glad you're enjoying the process! It's so fun to watch them grow and learn (you know, except for those times when it's not... but let's not focus on those)!

  7. Absolutely addicting!!! Tho..... Honestly I'm pretty relieved that my green bean is more or less predictable now when facing a jump. Usually. Except for those other times. Ahem.

  8. Yes! And they progress so much and learn so quickly at this stage!! It's awesome.

  9. I absolutely LOVE teaching the new ones to jump too! It's so fun watching them figure every part out and how proud they are when they get it right!


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