My Perfect Saddle

I'm saddle shopping. I have somewhat reluctantly been saddle shopping since March. But several life collapsing events sort of led me to put it on hold although I have still been casually ISO. I did impulsively order one on trial though so fingers crossed!

While I was looking I made a list that, while not comprehensive, details pretty solidly what I'm looking for in a saddle.

1. Fits my butt as if they were made to be together.

2. Leather that is broken in but also brand new (at the same time).

3. Speaking of leather, it must be soft buttery calfskin that is also simultaneously strong and durable enough to last 20 years and be rained on, dropped, thrown around the back of my car and fall off the saddle rack in the trailer.

4. The flaps must be perfect length and shape for my abomination legs.

5. The blocks must be perfect size so as to hold my leg in a perfect position thus guaranteeing I will never fall off. The blocks must also not impede me whether I am galloping, jumping or doing flatwork.

6. The tree must perfectly fit every horse it sits on, without a half pad. Unless I feel like using a cute half pad, then it must adjust for that.

7. It can never hurt or pinch any horse's back, be it the narrowest Thoroughbred or widest Shire (same half pad contingency).

8. It must enhance the jump of all it touches.

9. It's actually found to relieve back pain. In the horse and the rider!

10. It never slides back or slips to the side, even if I forget to tighten my girth.

11. You know what? Maybe it could have like a little 'check engine' light on it to remind me to tighten my girth.

Because I always forget.
12. It will have self-rolling stirrups. By voice command.

13. Guaranteed indestructible tree.

14. If, for some reason, anything breaks or needs repair a saddle fitter can come and fix it on the spot within 24 hours of being notified of the problem.

15.  The saddle should come with a matching girth, stirrups leathers, and breastplate (even though I don't need a breastplate, see #10).

16. To pay for it I just give my old saddle as a trade in. No other cash transaction required.

No but seriously... DO YOU WANNA BUY MY SADDLE?
17. It has purple piping.

Except picture it with brown leather.


  1. No small order :P

    I feel like amanda is pushing us all to saddle shopping!

    1. I am literally picking up her scraps. we're almost the same size except my TB has the withers hers doesnt. So basically she's been shopping for me.


  2. I just have one question... is your butt the peanut butter or the jelly?

    1. That's probably good. I don't think I'm ready for that jelly.

    2. I'm crying. I also now have that song stuck in my head.

  3. Omg the check engine light tho..... Yes plz. I need dat.

    1. if i had a dollar for every time my trainer (horrified) put her ENTIRE hand in my girth AFTER a jump lesson

      i could probably afford a new saddle.

  4. Seems reasonable. See if they'll throw in a bridle or something too when you find it.

    1. you know i thought that but it'd have to be the ps of sweden micklem since thats the only thing my horses like.

  5. I hope you find that last one.
    It's unfortunate you're not a tiny child as I have two lovely saddles that need homes not at my barn.

  6. this made me laugh out loud and yes Amanda started us all about this damn saddle shopping. I put mine on hold for July but need to start up soon as Fall is staring me down and i might actually want to jump again soon LOL...oooh love your saddle with purple...oohhhhh

  7. Did you sell your saddle? I do love that saddle with purple. Trying to find what brand you got? Where did get it (I am sure it costs more than my trailer LOL)!

    1. not yet - you interested? it'sa devoucoux chiberta, I got it off a devoucoux dealer in GA.

    2. shoot. my horse won't fit French GRHHHH it is lovely! Sorry it doesnt fit your new guy :(


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