November Goals

Let's see how we did for October, shall we?

- Work on booty-enhancing exercises. Transitions, between and within gaits as well as trotty poles. His butt is so much stronger already, we're upgrading to more advanced booty work!
- Get his teefs floated  Teefs are successfully floated!


- Incorporate more hacks on the weekends in addition to regular flatwork. I think I could've done better on this. The whole month I think I did one hack around the property. Some of it was weather related, a lot of it was darkness related and festivity related. 'Tis the season to... have a million things to go to.

Why do hackamores insist on being that horrible light brown??
Whatever, I dyed it.
- Stick to at minimum five rides a week. I think I had one week where I didn't accomplish this, so I'm gonna count it as a win.

- I'm currently overhauling my diet and exercise plan. Half a calzone does not an athlete make. I'm on day 2 officially of like... eating vegetables (ew) and working out EVERY DAY (ew???). We'll see how that goes. Last night I got outrageously overexcited about my 'slice of bread' pre-bed snack. And I have an egg in my purse. This has probably been my biggest success. Diet is still going well, exercising every day with just a couple missed over the month. I've lost eight pounds and I'm WAY fitter already.

It helps when your girlfriend is good at cooking and
makes healthy quiche.
- Partake in 2ptober!! I don't know why but this didn't take off for me. I think because I get to the barn so late, I feel like I don't have time to walk around in two-point for ten minutes. Also did anyone else get discouraged by people with 10000% improvement???
- Be more consistent blogging... like, two posts a week again, Megan? Plz? I got this mostly. I'm gonna call it a win.

And now, the fun part. Goals for November!

- First show on the 5th! Stay in the ring and on the horse for both dressage and jumping phases.
- Go to a hunter pace or cross country schooling.

- Get scoped for ulcers.
- Work on canter transitions.
- Incorporate more weekend outside ring work!!

- No Stirrup November!!!! Anyone wanna figure out a way to quantify this? One bareback/stirrupless ride a week? Warm up without stirrups? I'm open to suggestions.
- Practice driving the trailer around. Like, a lot. There's a story behind this.
- Keep up the diet & exercise plan. This'll be hard because... yanno. Turkey. It's coming.
- Stick with two posts a week, and try and come up with a 'weekly column' type post.

He was licking me :P


  1. Look at you knocking out goals like a champion!! (No I am not looking at mine. I literally did one two point ride ALL MONTH.)

  2. why dye brown when you could have DIY'd bright purple???

  3. This is a pretty inspiring post! I need to write down some actual goals!

  4. Dang girl. Killed it for October. Best of luck on the 5th!

  5. You are doing AWESOME!!! Get it!! If you get a fancy bareback pad you could really up your No Stirrup November game, just sayin'.

  6. Re. No stirrup November: Remove the stirrups and leathers from your saddle, lock them up, give the key to someone who won't succumb to your whining.

    Re. Blogging: Enter this contest in the personal blog category as an at-large entrant. NJ doesn't run it's own contest. I manage the national side of the contest and think you would do well.

    Good job in October

  7. Nice work! You had a productive month, and I'm totally impressed with your diet and exercise commitment. I think my exercise has improved, but as I posted about on Tuesday, the diet not so much!
    I can't really do no stirrup November since I have a really spooky equine that I ride in the dark every night... But when I used to attempt to partake, I always warmed up with my stirrups. I think it's only fair to the horse to let them warm up before plopping around up there like a potato. Granted, most riders are less potato-y than I, but I just think it's better for them to be warmed up first.

  8. yay on all your goals and i hope today went well, cant wait to read about it! And want to read the trailer story that makes you need to drive it around more :)

  9. I'm currently trying to work myself up to a full ride by the end of the month starting backwards from cool down because #babyhorse


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