It'll Be Great

If you ask me to describe my own attitude towards life., I'd say I was neurotic, stubborn, lacking confidence and hyper critical.

Apparently if you ask other people, particularly friends, they say nicer things. Overwhelmingly one of my best touted qualities is that I never give up. Sometimes when I step back and look at myself it's like being told no isn't even within the realm of possibility for me. It's not like I haven't been told no. I've been told no plenty of times. I've been told no in nasty, painful, final ways.

No one enjoys being told no. It always hurts. After I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I let that feeling roll off like water on a duck's back. No is the beginning. Okay, I've been told I can't: now what?

As I have ideas and work through things I've noticed I have a bizarre motto. Before I jump into a pool of undetermined depth with both feet, I have a plan and I always say that 'it'll be great'. Buy a huge truck and trailer? It'll be great. Train a baby horse? Start over with a new baby horse? Run a marathon? Gallop a racehorse? Start a blog? It'll be great.

Every challenge I butt up against, a mountain whose peak is so high I can't see the top, I set my feet on the base of it with every intent to climb, and that the climb will be great.

Every time I hit a setback I remind myself that failure only happens when you give up.

The path I'm on is mine, and mine alone. No one can duplicate the things that have happened in my life; a fingerprint as unique as my own. So no one can get exactly where I am.

The same applies to any and every person reading this. Your choices, and those interminable things you have no control over are yours. They make you, your horse, and your journey. There's no one quite like you. So don't be afraid of getting stuck, or having setbacks or detours. Just lace up your boots and make a plan.

It'll be great.


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