The Precious Has Landed

I started naming my saddles when I was sixteen and I got my first fancy one - a super plain, super flat Butet named Pierre. Because, you know, French.

And while I've had a few other notables grace my buttocks (Cheetor, Peaches, etc), when the County finally arrived she just became 'The Precious'.

It didn't help that my BO was calling it that as well.

We had a false start because Thanksgiving was in the middle of The Precious trying to get to me but finally, on a cold and dark Tuesday a few weeks ago, my saddle arrived.

The box was slightly smaller than expected but when I opened it I was met with the perfume of fresh, unspoiled leather and I swear it made my mouth water. I've had a lot of nice saddles but never one that was brand spanking new, so new that the billets stuck straight out like a bad flat ironing job.

The specs all looked all right so I put it on Spicy's back to see how he felt about it. He did the usual gnashing of teeth that accompanies saddling but I was so incredibly impressed (and relieved) that it looked to fit him absolutely wonderfully. I also got a Logic girth which is incredibly nice quality with durable leather on the outside but plush, butter soft on the horse side. Everything was just so... new and shiny. And it smelled so good. It still smells good.

Since she arrived, The Precious and I have done a few rides. I haven't been able to do as much as I wanted because it rained for forty days and forty nights, then it snowed, then the ground froze, and then my life exploded because I had the really asinine idea that I should go back to school so I have finals week again. I'm up until midnight working on coding projects? I don't know, I hate myself.

I digress. The point is, the change in this horse since I started using the County has been incredible. His neck looks about two feet longer. He stretches down into the contact. While he's still spooky, he's much less erratic and the saddle fits me so well that it's super easy for me to go with him. My back doesn't hurt. My knees don't. His back never palpates sore at all. It was super boring riding bareback, lunging, or letting him have time off while I waited for The Precious to arrive, but I'm glad I did it. Those nine-ish weeks of saddle-free time just honestly helped him to recover and lose the expectation of pain.

I knew the saddle would make a difference but I didn't think I'd have such a transformation in just a few rides. It's amazing what you can accomplish when your horse isn't in pain...

All that's left is the Winter Solstice, and the slow climb through increasingly longer days back to spring!!

Now, enjoy some saddle porn.

I got dye to make the stirrup leathers darker/more purple...
they came in WAY more pinky than anticipated

Was going to put a nameplate but I think the cantle is almost too small!

The best balanced thing I've ever put on his back.
It doesn't rock or slip - even without a breastplate.

Close up of the stitching - buffalo covered leather is the best of both worlds.
Durable AND grippy!!


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! I also love my County <3 Welcome to #TeamWool :D

  2. She's a thing of beauty! Congrats and also your leathers are ridic in the good way - made me smile :D

  3. soooo precious (said in my best Gollum voice) so happy you got it and it is everything you thought it would be......mine mine mine...says you :)

  4. Woot woot! Yay for the Precious!

  5. Gorgeous! Glad it's working out as you hoped, and that you and Spicy both LOVE it!

  6. This post is cracking me up... but boy is that saddle gorgeous!


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