Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Ideal Day

Viva Carlos came up with a blog hop, and since I'm sitting here at work and it's cold and snowing (AGAIN?!) I imagined a warmer, gentler day to hold as a talisman to keep me warm until spring. Happy Friday!

My ideal day actually starts at least a few weeks prior, with normal weather patterns. I am so sick of the mud that prior to my ideal day we shall have perfect weather and nary a trace of mud, humidity, or flies as I decree.

0830 - Sara and I get up on our own. We are not woken by crying dogs, or impertinent cats putting their paws on our faces to try and wake us up.

This might be the face toucher.
0835 - There's no cat vomit either.

his might be the vomiter
0845 - We take a leisurely walk to our coffee shop, Bailey is allowed to come in today because it's the best day ever and we get our coffees for free because the barista thinks we are a cute couple.

0900 - Oh my god and there's no one at the dog park either. What a wonderful day!!

Cutest dog ever or... cutest dog ever
1030 - Upon arriving home I get in my riding clothes and head out to the barn. There's no traffic, no angry Jersey tailgaters, just windows down and music up.

1130 - Spicy is totally clean in his field, nary a crust of mud on him. I was kind of torn here on how 'extra' I wanted to be. Ideally I'd have a hundred acres of cross country schooling right behind my farm. But in trying to keep it a little more realistic, let's just say Spicy loads right on the trailer for our adventure. Oh and my tack is already on there, and someone else set it up with hay, water and bedding for hauling.

I only said a LITTLE more realistic.

1200 - We arrive at Magical Unicorn Acres, a fictitious schooling locale that's a mix of Fair Hill and Carousel Park. But like, 45 minutes closer. No one else is there except, omg! Several of my best riding buddies what are you doing here??! I'm thinking a mix of bloggers, friends from college, and barn mates past and present.

1205 - Someone brought Primos hoagies for lunch. I have a Sharp Italian, because it's the best. There's also coleslaw and claras. Una clara is like a Spanish version of a shandy. They are also the best.

1400 - Schooling at Magical Unicorn Acres is a blast. Spicy jumped EVERYTHING I pointed him at perfectly, and so did everyone else. We all had an amazing wonderful time that ended in a Saddle Club-esque gallop up a gently sloping hill. Except Spicy and I were in front, because this is my perfect day, not yours.

Probably looks slightly like this.
Except with more purple.
Use your imagination.
1500 - Spicy and I arrive home and I give him a bath. Someone else cleans the eight tons of piss and shit out of the trailer. No one has to clean out the hay because he ate every last scrap.

1600 - I futz around the barn. Cleaning tack, organizing the trailer.

1700 - You know what? I needed more futzing.

1730 - I head home and Sara and I amble to our favorite restaurant. We get a whole bottle of cava and sit at the outside table and I tell her all about my awesome day. Afterwards we have another walk and when we get home we watch a movie or Pokemon or something until it's time to go to bed.


  1. I want to visit Magical Unicorn acres!

    1. Where it's never crowded and the footing is always perfect.

  2. Replies
    1. also how old is that pic and why do i *still* have all the exact same old junky pieces of paper crammed under my visor?!?

    2. I think that pic is from 2016? It's the only one I had of you and Austen already loaded onto the blog so... that's what we get. Until we ride together then I'll have a better one (hopefully).

      maybe those papers are important!!!!!!

  3. That’s a pretty awesome day!!! Can Magical Unicorn acres be everywhere??

    1. oh yes! that's the beauty of it. it's a chain :P

  4. love this so much :) And it made me laugh too and always more purple!

    1. best day ever + more purple = even best-er day!!

  5. Now that’s a perfect day. I want to go to Magical Unicorn acres.


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