Megan and the Technicolor Dream Coat

Author's Note: So, uh, I wrote this a couple days ago so facts about Runkle's progress (or lack thereof) may be inaccurately represented. Read at your own risk.

You may or may not have noticed a severe lack of Runkle updates lately. That's because there is nothing to update on. I'm still not riding, and walkies are turning into life-or-death-ies. Plus he destroyed one of his blue ribbons.

This photo accurately sums up my feelings.
But who cares about that, this past Sunday on eBay I FOUND THIS:

I don't even want to post the eBay link because I'm afraid one of my fellow purple people eaters will buy it. Although I'm sure you can just go find it now and steal it from me. Unfortunately it's $350 and I just can't justify that right now, especially when I have a perfectly fine (grey ;_;) dressage coat that I have not even worn yet. All that doesn't stop me from going to 'visit' it's eBay auction every morning. 

Because... LOOK AT IT!!! It's so dark and purple and perfectly accented with black velvet. Its flawless. We'd be so beautiful in every ring. It's the coat. of. my. DREAMS. Even though I'm not showing right now (or, erm, riding) I'm thinking of some ways I could still use it.

Wear it to work
I love wearing blazers to work. They are my favorite. I have a black one and a navy one but I don't have a purple one. And this is stretch technical fabric. My other blazers don't do that!!

You know what would make this better? More purple.

Wear it for walkies
So Runkle has been a fruitcake for his walkies lately. I guess that's what happens when the temperatures drop 20* overnight and we have a gale warning for a week (didn't even know that was a thing). Runkle's on week I-stopped-counting-after-seven of total house arrest and the Reserpine is working ish. When it's been really windy I've put ear stuffs in his ears and put on his fancy new soundproof bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits. 

Soundproof bonnets:for when all this shit isn't enough.
Which, by the way, is soooo cute. I haven't had it long but I can attest to the durability because the first thing I did was accidentally drop it when taking bags out of my car and leave it on the ground in a driveway overnight to be drenched in rain.  Still looks great though! And the soundproofing is definitely effective.

He looks pretty silly wearing his filthy blanket, filthy halter, and then his ~*shiny*~ bonnet. It'd look way less silly if I also wore a dressage coat.

He wouldn't stop 'smiling' when i put it on.

It's seriously adorable.
Sleep in it
This coat is wrinkle resistant and washable so perfect for pajamas. Plus when the fire alarm goes off I'll look really stylish standing out in the cold with the rest of my building!

Here, have a picture of my favorite things: a pony and a kitty.
Ride in it
I'm not doing a ton of riding, but what riding I am doing would be way classed up by a beautiful purple show coat. Riding Lexy (with her Quarter Horse level mane) would transform hacks into parade routes. Donning it to hop on yearling racehorses would really take their early works to the next level.

So, yeah, I pretty much need it. BUT I also have a very cute very expensive little horse who doesn't care what color my coat is. Maybe he wouldn't mind as long as it didn't cut into his cookie supply...

I hung up his stocking. Note the color.


  1. I think you need it. (Queen of the enabling tack buyers club right here 😂)

    1. youre a bad person. or a lovely person. I can't tell which.

  2. You totally need it!!!! I love that color :)

  3. I don't even like purple and that coat is awesome!

  4. I agree that you need it. But there is also a tailor on facebook that makes custom coats to order... I dunno what her prices are (they start quite low but I think they vary widely depending on materials and how fancy you want, obviously) but I have seen some good reviews and some really wild coats made by her.

    1. Footnote: have you tried looking for the purple coat on European sites?

    2. yes! actually that's where I found this one. europeans have way more fun. what's the tailor on facebook?

    3. I found it for $202 after shipping here:

      The custom maker on fb is "Putri Angels Tailor"

    4. This is a better fb page for them:

    5. hm... time to sell that spare tack i have laying around...

      you are a lovely human being

    6. I like it when all the people and horses are well-dressed.

    7. whelp. megan. it seems you have no choice now but to succumb to the coat.

    8. I mean, Amanda went and did all that work for you... you quite literally have no other choice.

    9. For $200 you must buy it! Who needs money anyways?

  5. You should totally wear it to all these places.

    1. if I get it I think I will, just to make a point.

  6. So.... did you get it yet?
    If you can't wait, I bought this (though I have no idea if/when I'll ever get to wear it:
    It's actually gorgeous, though much less purple. It might satisfy the craving.


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