12 Days of Splintmas

I wrote a song for you to celebrate Splintmas, or lackthereof since on December 1st I actually got on my horse, and we all lived.

On the twelfth day of Splintmas, I gave to my pony:

Twelve bags of ice


Eleven rounds of Splintex

Ten minute walkies

Nine weeks of stall rest

Eight vet call charges

Seven pounds of poultice

Six x-ray pictures (and one ultrasound!)

Shrug, I'm no doctor.
Five cc's of dorm

Four vet opinions

Three shockwave treatments

Two sheepskin earstuffs

The stuffies are under the soundproof bonnet.
And a shot of Osphos for my pony.

Runkle is finally under saddle again after all that and let me tell you, pardon my French but it's really fucking great. I was so worried he wouldn't come back and I couldn't stop imagining the worst. The ultrasound didn't look 100% normal but it's not something that can be diagnosed. Right now I just need to start putting him back to work and hoping that nothing is irritating the suspensory. So far so good, and thank God for Dormosedan and sound proof bonnets. And my crash vest. Do you know how high a horse can leap straight up into the air? Ask a five year old Thoroughbred on stall rest.

Merry Splintmas everyone. Go hug your pony's splints.


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    1. me too!! it's nice having nice talented photographer friends (who need to take pictures for school.... :D)

  2. I'm glad he's back in work and fingers crossed everything goes well!

  3. Bobby has set splints in all four legs. Perhaps I will put little bows on them for Christmas in the spirit of Runkle.

    1. what the... they can get splints IN THE BACK???

      lord help me.

  4. Three cheers for a sound horse home for the holidays!!

    1. sound and, you know, full of piss and vinegar :P

  5. How is that ice attached in the first picture? I'm glad the splint is finally healing though.

    1. hah it's actually just stuck. I wet the leg and wrap a wet paper towel around it before I dump the ice into the ice boot. I'm not sure why but when I took the boot off the ice was still stuck to it!

  6. Glad he's on the mend! Where can I get a sound proof bonnet? I keep meaning to research them, but... oh look shiny!
    We are talking about giving Jamp some osphos when it gets closer to spring. Have you seen improvement with it, do you think?

    1. the soundproof bonnet is from if the bonnet fits (you can search em on facebook)

      however if you're looking for a more budget friendly/faster option, horze actually has decent soundproof bonnets too!

      as far as osphos, you are not the first person to ask me about improvement. i'll be honest, I have no idea. I've thrown so much shit at this horse I haven no idea which thing helped, if all of them helped or none of them helped. I will say he is sound now. Whether that's due to osphos, shockwave, or just plain time, I have no idea.

    2. Thanks! I just ordered the horze version. If it helps Sir-Spooks-a-Lot I'll invest in pretty custom one later.
      Well I guess you didn't see a negative to the Osphos, so I'll take that as a good thing! Thanks for the answers!

  7. It's so sad how accurate this song probably is :( I'm glad you got the go-ahead to ride, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to be the one on board for the first few rides! LOL

    1. hah yeahhhh i was crying a little as i wrote it. luckily hes insured!!

      dorm has been so helpful. i used to be so against drugging horses for riding but I think i'd actually be dead by now if i hadnt.


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