Back Outside

Guys, something amazing happened this weekend.

I rode my horse outside.


Under the sky. It drizzled on us. It was windy. We saw more than the four walls of the indoor.

It was so magical.

In case you need a refresher, in September Runkle popped a splint and everything went to hell in a hand basket almost immediately. Since then, he's been on very (very) strict house arrest. With absolutely no fun having or horseplay of any kind allowed.

He's been heavily sedated for round pen turnout which he's actually been doing well at, but things have been a little too... let's say brisk for me to feel comfortable venturing outside. So we stayed in the indoor. For months.

That's something I'm pretty against. My hands are tied during the week as it's long dark by the time I get out of work. As long as the ground isn't frozen, I try and take Runkle out at least on the weekends. If the ground is frozen we just walk, or a little bit of trotting. I ride in the half-light if I have to, not realizing how dark it is until I come inside and have to turn the lights on in the barn because it's pitch black.

He looks pretty damn good for 3 months of stall rest.
I don't think Runkle's gone longer than a week or two without being ridden outside in some form.

I'm not sure if I was feeling suicidal or what, but I decided to take my chances on the great outdoors this weekend. I started with lunging, expecting it to be like tryng to tame a wild dragon with a piece of dental floss, but he was actually very sensible. Maybe the most sensible he's ever been on the lunge line.
I buckled up my vest and hopped on. He was great. Better than great, really. He was actually in front of my leg and happy about it, not doing any cranky bucking.

omg, so handsomes with his Celtic love knot.
He even picked up both leads on the first try with ZERO tantrums.

It was so nice to have my horse back, you guys.


  1. I'm so jealous you got to ride outside, but also, yay Runkle!

    1. hah weather still too bad for you? we have the best footing I've ever seen in our outdoor. We had a TON of rain and it's still not a swamp. I imagine someone sold their soul to the devil.

  2. I was so happy that after a couple of months, I was finally able to ride inside. I can't wait to be able to ride outside. But first, it must thaw, melt, flood, and dry up.

    So I will just live vicariously through you and that handsome thug. And your purple coat.

    1. LOL the handsome thug says thank you. And I'm seriously considering doing a schooling ride in my purple coat just because people cannot expect me to wait until freakin' march to bust it out.

  3. They get stir crazy too, that's for sure! So happy he was so good for you!
    I got to ride this weekend too! Since I don't have an indoor, I pretty much give up around mid December and start again in the spring. But this weekend was WAY too nice to pass up. I only sat on the one least likely to kill me or himself, but it was enough to hold me over for a bit.

    1. HAHA the one least likely to kill you or himself

      hey, baby steps!!! and soon it will be warm again and the sun will be out forever!! CONFETTI!

  4. oh man there's nothing like getting outside after so much time spent in the monotonous indoor. it's like a breath of fresh air (literally lol, duh emma). i'm so so so so so happy to hear that runkle's doing so well in recovering like a normal pleasant pony!!

    1. i know right? Every time he does something normal and not murdery I'm like oh god my beautiful handsome prince is back. and whoever is watching goes "you just trotted some poles..." and i say yes, but normally trot poles turn into capriole poles and no one wants that.

  5. Yes! It is such a blessing to ride outside when the weather breaks and a double blessing to have the equine cooperatie. Go Runkle! It sounds like baby TB is growing up :)


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