On the Road Again - Half Marathon Redux

Half marathon training has picked up again. Unbelievably, I really am torturing myself with this a second time. I think it's like childbirth; the agony of the race is so far behind me that I don't remember how badly my knees/feet/body hurt or that I laid in a tub of ice several times over the months leading up to the race.

Hm... why did I just remind myself...

The point is, I'm back at it. I have new goals too! At the Philly Half my goal was to finish, with a secret goal of breaking 2:30. Going into this one I'm gunning to race it and actually finish in 2:30 this time.
If you look closely you can see feral cats eating a piece of pizza.
Training is in the 'so far so good' phase, which is where I can look back on the week and say "Look at that, I did all my runs at the required mileage." It's bizarre how much three miles feels like nothing now. I remember struggling so hard to get through three miles in the beginning of training last summer. I'm not setting any land speed records, but I finish my runs with tired legs and I'm usually barely winded.

You see normal things on early morning runs.
My running goddess friend is 'helping' by advising on other more speed related workouts to help me get to my own suicide goal time. I did my first sprint work last week and it was actually pretty fun doing a couple intervals as fast as I could go. Until I got home, flopped on the bed all sweaty and contemplated throwing up.

Since then I've had another excellent sprint work, followed by one of my fastest two miles I've ever clocked and OH GOD I AM A RUNNER.

I call this "find the cat".
How did this happen.

And also why.

Send help.

And a leg rub.

Or butt rub.


  1. I found the cat :)
    Good luck with your runs!

  2. I will always find the cat. Always. Lol.

    But also. this is seriously awesome. Like I ran casually for years (think: short distances on gently purring treadmills) but your training is something else entirely. Something way cooler haha

    1. that park is so full of cats. and they're all beautiful calicos.

      I totally can't run on a treadmill anymore. But this is definitely something else :P

  3. Goddammit I love these photos. As a fellow early morning city runner, I appreciate your appreciation for the beautiful, mundane, and weird seen on city streets during a morning session.

    In other news: I've dropped minutes on my minute per mile time by adding in deadlifts and squat cleans to my weekly workout routine. Something about the strengthening (adding the ability to sustain the pace) and development of fast twitch muscle (dat speed doh) just drops those times. Might be worth a try.

    1. hah yeah I love the weird shit you only see in the morning. and the sunrises!

      I actually LOVE deadlifts and squats, I just dont have an ounce of time for it. I'm going to start a 30 day ab workout feb 1st tho!!

  4. I wish you were in CT. I want to get back at it, but I need a running buddy cause I keep noping out of going on my own.

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